I'm going for the platinum trohpy hopefully prior to DS3 hitting the US next week and I think I'm down to just a handful of spells/hexes/miracles.

One of the NPCs sells a spell or two that you would otherwise get from covenant ranking. Info on Chancellor Wellager. According to this, bonfire ascetics do not change his inventory, but does anyone know if joining the covenant of champions would in effect make your game a ng++ (if you're currently in ng+ that is)

  • I've never tried this, but I think it's unlikely. That article seems to say that the covenant of champions makes the game as hard as NG+, but not that it actually counts as NG+. Commented Apr 8, 2016 at 17:59

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No, joining the CoC does not increase the playthrough, it only simulates the difficulty. Wellager will still only sell his extra wares once you have defeated the game at least twice, regardless of Bonfire Ascetics, or Covenants.

To be specific - joining the Company of Champions will only change the game by:

  • Reducing damage dealt by 50%
  • Increasing damage taken by 50%
  • Cut off summoning (including NPC summons)

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