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How do you install *.ut4mod files for Unreal Tournament 2004 when double-clicking no longer works? After checking out the UT2004 from Good Old Games, the program runs files on Windows 7 Professional (except for a strange sound volume bug that drives Window's settings for the program to under 10%). However, after downloading lots of mods from CNet, none of the mods can be run. Anyone know how to fix this?

Edit: Trying to "open" or "run" the files by double-clicking them in Windows prompts the OS to ask me what program to open the *.ut4mod files with. As for going to the wiki: I would love to, but it is blocked.

  • What do you mean by "when double-clicking no longer works?"
    – badp
    Jul 17, 2010 at 21:29

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Install the UT2kx Reg Checker tool and you can happily double-click to install your mods.

If somehow this doesn't help, then as a last resort you can re-install Patch 3369. This will reconfigure the bindings so that your *.ut4mod files should work again.


First of all, are the .ut4mod files associated with UT2k4 so that Windows knows to use that program to open them? Or do you want to run the mods without needing to install original client?

If they're already associated, have you tried rightclicking on the files and choosing "Run As Administrator"? With several .exe's I've downloaded from various sources for various programs, sometimes things just don't want to play nicely in Win 7. The first thing I try if things aren't installing nicely (I'm on Win 7 Ultimate) is Run As Administrator.

Finally, if that doesn't work, I would check out this page, as it has a bunch of UMOD troubleshooting tips. Good luck!

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I would put the mods into the Unreal Tournament base folder, the one that stats system on it because I remember having the same problem with installing a mod for Star Wars: Jedi Academy. What I did to fix it was to extract and move the files into C:\game folder\jediacademy\data\base and then when you load the game it will load the base files.

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