This may seem like a noob question but if someone could answer it I'd be extremely grateful. When me and my brother try join worlds in MCPE it says to enter the "server name". I honestly dont know what this is could someone please help me?

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When asked to define a server connection, there are three fields:

  • Server Name is a human-friendly name for the server. Treat it as a label that is stored on your phone to help you distinguish servers from each other, especially when it is not using a domain name but rather a raw IP address.
  • Server IP is the IP or web address of the server that you are connecting to.
  • Port is the TCP port that the server you're connecting to is running on. If left blank, the games assumes to default port of 19132.

If you saw "Server name", "Server IP/Address", and "Port", you would be entering the information for a paid server. To play casually with someone, the following conditions will be required:

  1. The devices need to be "visible" to each other
  2. They need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

After these conditions are met...

  1. Have one of you open up a world
  2. Have the other person press "play" and wait a few seconds

The other person's username, in blue, should appear at the top of your world list. Tap on this and you're playing in multiplayer!


The "server name" does not matter. It's just a label you can enter to recognize the server later if you have a lot of servers added.

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