So I just arrived at what I assume is the last area of the game, but I know Souls games always have an optional area or two, like Ash Lake in Dark Souls 1. I've come across at least two so far (one of which was hidden). Before I proceed to the final boss I want to make sure I visit all the areas in the game, since I don't want to miss out on any content.

Are there any optional areas in the game? If so, how do you get to them?


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There are 4 optional areas:

  1. Smouldering lake - get here from climbing down the broken rope bridge in catacombs of carthus.
  2. Consumed King's Garden - after the Dancer of the Boreal Valley boss, head left before getting to lothric castle proper.
  3. Untended Graves - behind an illusionary wall after the boss fight in Consumed King's Garden.
  4. Archdragon Peak - use Path of the Dragon Gesture in Irithyll Dungeon at the petrified dragon acoylyte.

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