What is the highest level of enchantment possible to a weapon and armour piece using command blocks?


Enchantment levels are saved as a Short, with a minimum of -32,768 and maximum of 32,767.

/give @p minecraft:stone 1 0 {ench:[{id:16s,lvl:32767s}]}

You can find further information on the NBT format here.

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Well it is basically (not?) infinite! You can make a weapon so powerful that it could kill it instantly (if you have sharpness)! Here is the command for an example /give @a minecraft:diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:16s,lvl:1000}]}

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Ah, the max enchantment level is actually 2177548418058. Don't believe me? Try /give @p diamond_sword{Enchantments:[{id:"sharpness",lvl:2147483647}]}

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  • Your actual command only has 0x7FFFFFFF in it though. The number you claim before is quite a bit higher... – Nyerguds Aug 28 '19 at 6:52
  • Looks like you watched Phoenix SC's video on this... but he put on enchantments of level 0x7FFFFFFF (2147483647). Seems that really is the maximum. He just 'cheated' around the limit by adding that same enchant multiple times. – Nyerguds Aug 28 '19 at 7:26

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