By breeding different slimes together, the child will have a mix of the parents' colour, with a small chance of natural variation. If the colour is different enough, the slime may gain its own unique drops, for example a yellow slime can drop gold ore.

Is there a full list of distinct colours with different drops? What are all of the known ones?


This information from the Wiki provides drops and their percentage chance for a certain drop to be rolled.

The information for each different Slime can be found under the variations part of the Wiki.

  • Those are the "basic" slimes, the ones found in the wild. My question is about slimes that are exclusively found from breeding those 4 colours of slimes together. – Wrigglenite Apr 18 '16 at 15:11

These are the kinds of slimes that are not normally found in the wild:

  • Orange Slime, which drops copper ore
  • White Slime, which drops iron ore
  • Yellow Slime, which drops gold ore
  • Grey Slime, which drops stone
  • Black Slime, which drops coal and has a chance to drop bixite and neptunite

It is possible to breed slimes of any colour and shade, but only those 5 colours will provide unique drops. Everything else will fall under green, blue, red, or purple.

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