In the classic version of Pinball for Windows XP (image of the game below) the player after hitting certain targets would get a few missions. Some missions had the player hit certain targets for a number of hits, other missions had the player re-enter the same place where he first accepted the mission.

However, there were other different types of missions in this simple game. What were they? Image 1

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There are total of 17 different missions, each with different objectives, and only available to specific rank:

  • Cadet

    1. Launch Training (top): Pass the Launch Ramp 3 times.
    2. Re-entry Training (middle): Pass the Re-entry Lanes 3 times.
    3. Target Practice (bottom): Hit the Attack Bumpers 8 times.
    4. Science Mission (all): Hit 9 Drop Targets.
  • Ensign & Lieutenant

    1. Bug Hunt Mission (top): Hit 15 targets (Drop and/or Hit).
    2. Rescue Mission (middle): Upgrade Flags, then enter the Hyperspace Kicker.
    3. Alien Menace Mission (bottom): Upgrade the Attack Bumpers, then hit them 8 times.
    4. Secret Mission (all): Enter the Yellow Wormhole, then Red Wormhole, then Green Wormhole.
  • Captain & Lt. Commander

    1. Stray Comet Mission (top): Light all 3 Right Hazard Target Lights, then enter the Hyperspace Kicker.
    2. Space Radiation Mission (middle): Light all 3 Left Hazard Target Lights, then enter any Wormhole.
    3. Black Hole Mission (bottom): Upgrade the Engine Bumpers, then enter the Black Hole Kicker.
    4. Cosmic Plague Mission (all): Spin flags 75 times, then hit Space Warp Rollover.
  • Commander & Commodore

    1. Satellite Retrieval Mission (top): Hit the Satellite Bumper 3 times.
    2. Recon Mission (middle): Pass any of the lanes 15 times.
    3. Doomsday Machine Mission (bottom): Send the Ball through the Out-Lanes 3 times.
    4. Time Warp Mission (all): Hit the Rebounds 25 times, then Enter the Launch Ramp (promotion) or Hyperspace Kicker (rank demotion).
  • Admiral & Fleet Admiral

    1. Cosmic Plague Mission (top, Captain's all mission)
    2. Secret Mission (middle, Ensign's all mission)
    3. Time Warp Mission (bottom, Commander's all mission)
    4. Maelstrom (all):
      1. Hit 3 Drop Targets.
      2. Hit 3 Spot Targets.
      3. Send the Ball through 5 lanes.
      4. Shoot the ball up the fuel chute.
      5. Send the Ball up the launch ramp.
      6. Roll a Flag.
      7. Enter any Wormhole.
      8. Enter the Hyperspace Kicker.

Source: GameFAQs by froesch14 | PINBALL.DOC mirrored on Dokumen.tips.


Background on this game. It was originally a part of a collection published by Maxis, of SimCity fame. Full Tilt! Pinball (Wikipedia) included three tables, one of them made it to Windows ME and XP Games packs.

As for missions, here is what I can recall:

  • Launch: Lower left elevated ramp.
  • Attack bumpers: ball hits against upper bumpers, and other targets *
  • Orbits (I can't recall if this is an actual mission): Full orbits of back passageway around the top of the table
  • Wormhole: (can't remember, but it was a thing)

Completing missions lights up the yellow ring in the center of the table, or maybe Blues first. Wikipedia has some detail on the game mechanics.

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