I have just purchased Rock Band 4 for PS4. I have never owned any of the previous games in this console family.

I'm feeling rather constrained by the track list, and would like to add the Rock Band 3 tracks to the mix. I have found information on how to do this.

But the only copies of the game still available are pre-owned. Can the above steps be performed if the game is purchased pre-owned? Can they be done if I only bought the game as of now (as opposed to when the game was released)?

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    As I understand it, you can still export the songs from RB3. You can even use a used copy of RB3 to export the songs. Whether it is new or used, you have to pay the song export fee ($15, I think).
    – agent86
    Commented Apr 24, 2016 at 20:39

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Yes, it is possible.

I picked up the game second hand. The problem I then had was I couldn't get the export to activate. (I tried the steps here as well.) Finally, I contacted Harmonix support; they asked for evidence of my purchase (in my case "Take a photo of the disc along with your PSN ID written on a piece of paper") and then they sent me an export key.

I entered the export key into the Playstation Store, and then the purchase from within the Rock Band store successfully activated.

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