I've always been interested in Uplink, so I bought it earlier this week. But now I'm stuck on one of the missions that has been appearing since I reached the "Confident" rank: it's asking me to prove that an employee is over-qualified by changing his academic record. Specifically: "We feel that this employee scored slightly too highly at his degree. Give him a 3rd class replacement."

I break into the academic database, look up the employee, and find that he has three classes, so I change the grade letter on the third class from a D to an F, commit, and disconnect. But when I reply to the mission request asking for money, they tell me that I haven't changed anything yet.

Is there something I'm misunderstanding here? How does one fulfill the goal of this mission?


You have to change the class in the Other Qualifications section.

For example, you have to change Philosophy, Class 1 to Philosophy, Class 3, then save.

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