If I have a 4IV Sylveon spread out in 31spA/31spD/31spe/31atk and a 3IV Eevee spread out in 31def/31hp/31spe does it make a difference if I use two Destiny Knots?


No, both pokémon holding a destiny knot when breeding will have the same effect as when only one of them holds a destiny knot.


No, it will have the same effect as using just one.

When breeding you usally want to pass down a Nature to the offspring, and you achieve that giving an Everstone to a parent. If you use two Destiny Knots you can't do that.


I have discovered that giving BOTH parents a Destiny Knot will make them spawn tons of offspring with random natures and zero offspring with just plain stats with a neutral nature. So once you have two 5 perfect-IV parents and you just want to spawn a bunch of perfect 5-IV offspring with random natures until you get the nature you want this is the way to do it. Then, once you get that 5 perfect-IV child with the correct nature you can give it an Everstone and leave the other intended parent of the opposite gender with the Destiny Knot. This is a quicker and more consistent way of getting 5 perfect-IV Pokemon with your intended natures.

  • But you can get exactly the same effect with one Destiny Knot. The second one doesn't add anything. – John Montgomery Jul 16 '20 at 23:05

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