For the Terrain story-line, in one mission the player has to deliver Teladianium to a Military Outpost. The only problem is that I'm not sure where to find Teladianium. The only trading post that has it is in Teladi space and they hate me from the last mission.

Where can I score some Teladianium in or near the Terrain Sectors?


Look in your in-game encyclopedia, under 'advanced' in the personal menu (the top button on the left).

Teladianium should be under "Bio". From there you will get a description, pricing information, and locations of where it is made, sold, and purchased.

The last three will only list places that you have found in your exploration.

More information here.

If that fails, there should be Teladianium in the sector Ceo's Buckzold.


There is also a good online resource that allows you to search for wares and list them by station/sector, and there is a good universe map there to see which sectors are nearby.

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