I've noticed that Overwatch offers a graphics option called "Screenshot Quality". I've set the quality to 9x resolution and taken a screenshot using the Prt Scr key on my keyboard.

After looking at the screenshot, I have to wonder what the option did exactly. The screenshot's resolution is the same as the resolution I play at, and since I can still see aliasing, it's obvious the internal resolution wasn't increased before taking the shot.

Since I can't find a "Screenshot Key" in the Controls option, I can't tell if the Prt Scr key was the correct key to press, though.

What does the "Screenshot Quality" do exactly, and how would I take a screenshot to properly see its effects?

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To take a screenshot, you press the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button.

According to Bruce, a senior engineer at Overwatch, he posted on the forums this tidbit:

How to use – in the Graphics Option menu, under the Advanced items, there is a new setting called “Screenshot Quality”. Basically this setting controls the tile count of the screenshot. At 1x, screenshots are saved like we always have done – includes UI, saved in jpeg format, at the current resolution of the game. Once you select 3x through 9x resolution, you’ll enable high quality screenshot mode.

In addition, there are specific settings you must have enabled in order to make the most use of Screenshot Quality:

There are some restrictions on high quality screenshots to keep in mind. UI doesn’t render in a high quality screenshot. This mode only works in windowed mode and borderless windowed mode. High quality screenshots aren’t compressed, they are saved in BMP format. Finally, this can be taxing on your computer. Consider that creating a 9x resolution screenshot of a standard 1920x1080 display will create a very large 17280x9720 BMP file on your hard drive, so make sure you have both the memory and hard drive space for your screenshots before enabling this feature.

  • Nice. The problem wasn't that I hit the wrong key, but that the game saved those screenshots in a weird place, while Windows saved its own (native res) copy in OneDrive's pictures library. That confused me, and I didn't think about looking anywhere else for the screenshot.
    – Nolonar
    May 3, 2016 at 20:43

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