How do I efficiently open chests in Game of War for free? I know I can use the item that opens 500 at once, but those often cost gold.


You can open all chests for free once you reach VIP Prestige 12. You can then open all of 1 specific chest for free. Once you reach VIP prestige 15, you can then open all chests for free!


First, you need an android emulator. I use bluestacks. Then install Game of War in your bluestacks image.

Then you need a keyboard macro program that will automatically click for you. Autohotkey is such a program. You can let it run for however long you like, and it'll open up the chests for free. Here's the keyboard macro I use. You'll need to adjust the X and Y values. The "5" key starts running the macro, and escape cancels it.



loop 200
    Send, {Click 776, 374}
    Sleep, 1000
    Send, {Click 735, 275}
    Sleep, 2000
    Send, {Click 798, 235}
    Sleep, 1000

  • There's a better way to open all chests, see my post above for more information. – Yoshi24517 Jan 27 '17 at 7:01

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