Following scenario:

You have destroyed already one or two towers of your opponent and you receive a disconnect or leave the app.

Will you have the crowns anyway for your crown chest progress? And how is it shown in the match history then? As leaving or as 3-1 or 3-2 provided your opponent has finished the battle during your absence.



The game continues and the result will be calculated at the end. If you have destroyed a Tower, they haven't, and you leave/loose connection a second before the timer runs out (and you would have won). Then the game is a win for you and you get the crown.

Source: Personal experience.


You will always get the crowns in your suggested scenario, since the match continues as you would be online. (Except you won't place anymore troops, of course.)
So, because you get crowns for the Crown Chest even after a defeat (Which is the most likely scenario if you quit, except if there would be a sure Victory/Draw), you will get progress towards the Crown Chest.

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