I haven't played Minecraft for a long time, so when I came back, there were a lot of new features. One of them that I don't understand is that sometimes when I swing my pickaxe or my sword, there is a weird sword icon below the crosshair:

Attack indicator below crosshair

I thought is might be a cooldown bar, but it resets every time I swing my sword. What does this icon do and why is it there?


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In minecraft 1.9 you cannot spam weapons. They now have cooldown timers. Weapons make most damage if they are fully charged. So you have to wait some time after you hit.



  • In Minecraft 1.9 an axe makes more damage as a sword of same type. It has longer cooldown tho.
  • The fastest cooldown has a hoe.

Here's what the Minecraft Wiki says about it:


  • New “attack strength” combat mechanic:
    • A meter shows up after switching items or attacking.
      • Damage done depends on the fullness of the meter, with a quadratic reduction (attack does 20%–100% of normal damage as the meter fills).
      • Fills at different rates depending on the new attack speed attribute (see table on the changes to gameplay section for a complete list).
        • The haste effect will cause the meter to fill faster
      • Can be displayed next to the hotbar (left or right based on the player's main hand), under the crosshair or turned off.
        • Looks like the icon for the strength effect on the side of the hotbar, or like a dagger under the crosshair.
        • This is controlled in video settings.
    • A cooldown animation is displayed of the tool slowly being lifted up, when first switching to it.
  • Plays sounds when attacked strongly, weakly, and parried.

You can also check the Mojang update article.


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