Well, I'm making a trap, and it contains trip wire. And after a player dies, the trip wire disappears. (It actually burns away because of the lava that comes with the trap.) I want to trip wire to be replaced after a player dies. How could I do that?

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    with command blocks or in survival Commented May 8, 2016 at 19:00
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There is only one way of doing this, except of constantly reloading the trap, which is by using Command blocks:

Place Command blocks next to the trap Redstone so that it activated after the trap is cleared (use Repeaters). In the CMD blocks place this commands:

/setblock X Y Z minecraft:tripwire_hook

for the hook, and the following for the wire:

/setblock X Y Z minecraft_string

Instead of X, Y, Z put the hook's and tripwire's coordinates - for each hook and tripwire a different set of coords.
I haven't tested this, so the tripwire hook could stick to a different wall - you can try giving the hook a different damage for different rotation (minecraft:tripwire_hook 1, minecraft:tripwire_hook 2, ...)

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