I made a map that will come out very soon but I have a problem: When the player crafted a crafting table, it cannot be placed!

And also when he/she crafted it, I would like to replace the crafted block with a crafting table with CanPlaceOn.

I think this is used by other maps like The Useless Button.


Create a scoreboard once. It automaticly increments when a player crafts a crafting table:

/scoreboard objectives add craftedTable stat.craftItem.minecraft.crafting_table

Method 1:

Put the following command into repeating command block:

/give @a[score_craftedTable_min=1] minecraft:crafting_table 1 1 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:stone"]}

(Have a look at the 1 1!)

Put a chain command block after it:

/scoreboard players remove @a[score_craftedTable_min=1] craftedTable 1

Then another one with this command (to remove the old crafting tables):

/clear @a minecraft:crafting_table 0

The setup should be like that:

enter image description here

The problem is, that your item has no texture:

enter image description here

Everything else will work fine!

Method 2:

(Used in TheUselessButton)

The problems:

  • No multiplayer support
  • Only one item obtainable
  • Bug: You can obtain the item 2 times: One with Can be played On tag and the original (Exists in TheUselessButton)

enter image description here

Put the following command into repeating command block:

/testfor @p[score_craftedTable_min=1]

Then two chain command blocks set on Conditional


/clear @p minecraft:crafting_table


/give @p minecraft:crafting_table


/scoreboard players reset @a[score_craftedTable_min=1] craftedTable
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  • This isn't going to work. /clear will just remove the item you provided. It cannot clear items that have no data while preserving items that do. – Skylinerw May 9 '16 at 11:42
  • Thats right, I fixced it.Now it works! (: – Simon Meusel May 9 '16 at 12:24

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