Starting DOOM 4 brings you through a bunch of naggy screens before bringing you to a screen to choose which game mode you want. Are there launch options to go straight to multiplayer mode?

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    Looking for an answer myself. In the meantime, the parameter "+com_skipIntroVideo 1" (without quotes) will skip those naggy intro screens/movies. – CygnusX1 May 13 '16 at 18:57

The variable "com_gameMode" controls the mode in which the game runs at. It is described as:

determines asset load pattern and runtime behavior for production builds only

There are 6 values available:

  • 0 - ALL - all modes presumabely, although it didn't work for me as intended. Clicking Multiplayer restarted the game immediately, without any confirmation.
  • 1 - SP - singleplayer mode, the default value
  • 2 - MP - multiplayer mode
  • 3 - SNAP - the snapmap mode I guess, never tried it yet
  • 4 - SHELL - no idea. Maybe just the game shell without any modes?
  • 5 - MOD - for mods?

Therefore, if you want to start in multiplayer mode you need to pass the parameter:

+com_gameMode 2

Initially, I thought this is idiotic. On second thought, this seems as a mechanism to avoid loading unused assets. It could be done better though, upon actually clicking on the mode itself and not at start...

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