Some of my governors reach rank 5, while others die at rank 1 after decades of managing a colony or a sector. What are the different ways leaders gain experience and how much of it do they get?


Taken from the 00_defines.lua within the Stellaris folder, I found these values:


  • Clearing a Tile / Constructing a building gives 50% of the resources spent building or clearing.
  • Having a planetary edict gives 5% of the Edict's cost each month the edict is active
  • 8 exp for each Pop born
  • 3.5 exp each month for governing a Sector


  • 350% bonus xp if researching within the field of their expertise
  • 18 xp per planet surveyed
  • 100 xp for discovering an anomaly
  • 100 xp from completing a special project (in addition to the XP special projects can reward themselves)
  • .35 xp * scientist level / day of "Assist Research"

Admirals & Generals

Admirals & Generals gain XP based on the ships / armies killed & lost, though the define doesn't have exact formulas. I'd wager Military power for fleets, but not sure how Army XP might be calculated.

I'm guessing that cost-reducing effects reduce experience gain as well, though that probably warrants more testing.

  • How much for doing research?
    – Rob Rose
    Nov 9 '17 at 20:58

I don't know much about governor and how they earn experience since most of my time were spent surveying and manage research. Even when I manage planets I just look at the building tile screen and don't pay attention to Governor.

That said I assume most of the experience would come from building stuff. Because I notice that level up occur when a building/upgrade is done.

Furthermore if you have trouble giving your governor more experience. You can research technologies to raise your leaders overall lifetime (chance of dying young goes down).

  • 1
    Yep, to put it in as few words possible: governor - buildin', scientist researchin' and surveyin', admiral & genral fightin'. That said @kotekzot, if your governors die at rank 1 after managing a SECTOR for decades, something is seriously wrong with your sector, this would indicate pretty much noch activity within the sector.
    – Dulkan
    May 18 '16 at 6:32

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