I don't understand what I need to do to fix this command.

I'm trying to make a firework star that has attributes and also a colour, and I'm just constantly getting the message Encountered multiple top tags, only one expected Help would really be appreciated!

/give @p firework_charge 1 0 {Explosion:{Type:4,Colors:[255]}},display:{Name:"green",Lore:["QDADSAD"]}

You ended your first JSON statement with one too many braces, and forgot one on the end.

/give @p firework_charge 1 0 {Explosion:{Type:4,Colors:[255]}},display:{Name:"green",Lore:["QDADSAD"]}}

Which leaves you with:

/give @p firework_charge 1 0 {Explosion:{Type:4,Colors:[255]},display:{Name:"green",Lore:["QDADSAD"]}}
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  • Very small note: while it may look similar, this is the NBT format rather than JSON. – Skylinerw May 20 '16 at 17:49

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