Whenever I send Queen to do the Secret Training, generally after 24 hours she only levels up 2 - 3 times, but once I left her for 72 hours (over the course of a weekend) and this didn't change.

My Main Party is Queen (Lv. 72), Carter (Lv. 51) and Rem (Lv. 45), so mostly everyone else is sitting on around Level 26 - 27. I was thinking of bringing them up to around Rem's level using the Secret Training so I can play Persona 2 Eternal Punishment at the same time.

So I am wondering, how long does it take for someone to reach the limit of the Secret Training, so i know when to load the game back up and end the session before restarting it?


The maximum amount of experience a character gain through Secret Training is capped at 24 hours

Note that the max amount of EXP can be gained within 24 hours

You can accelerate the Secret Training through this process:

  1. Initiate Secret Training
  2. Navigate to PS4/X1 manual Date Settings
  3. Increase the current date by 1 day
  4. Reload your Type-0 save to receive XP

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