Out empire is debating about the meaning of insult, we know that it will reduce the opinion of our rival empire but we wounder what's the application of insulting rivals?

Is it good to push other rival to attack us or declare war on us?

Are there other applications or side effects for insulting?


Mechanically, insult is at the moment nothing more than a temporary -100 opinion modifier, which may possibly goad an empire into attacking you, but it's unlikely to work unless it's a fallen empire.

Roleplay wise, it is of course a method to show somebody you really don't like them.

The function of insult was greater in other Paradox games, so I suspect it will be expanded upon in later patches/dlc (e.g. in EU4 it gives a casus belli and provides power projection)

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  • Unable to verify this immediately, but for some reason I thought there was also some influence gain from it. I'll have to double check it though, it's been a bit since I used it so I could be wrong. – Robert Wertz Jun 6 '16 at 4:05
  • @Dulkan but does having really low reputation in their eyes push them to declaring a war on you? basically can you "provoke" them into a war and comme off as the legitemate party to other's eyes? – tatsu Jun 20 '19 at 12:54

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