When playing Symmetra, her alt fire on her Photon Projector allows her to fire an orb. The longer you charge, the larger the orb is. At max charge, a visual circle fills to a full circle in the center of the screen. However, you can hold the charge even longer, so this is where I ask my question.

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Do I have to fully charge the Projector, even past the regular circle for those extra seconds I can hold it to maximize damage? or is it once the circle is filled it is at max damage?

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According to the Symmetra In-depth Strategy Guide by FuriousPaul charging it until the circle is full should be enough to deal max damage.

When charging up a Photon Orb, it will reach its max charge before the game fires it for you. This means that you can fire fully charged orbs more often than if you were to wait for the game to fire them for you. The Orbs will reach max charge when both of the circles in your crosshair meet with each other. The animation on the right shows when it reaches full charge, but I made it so I waited until the game fired for me:

I also made the same experiences (also for Zenyattas Alternate, btw.) in live games but will try to confirm this in a custom game seeing the damage numbers and edit this answer then.

  • I mean visually, there doesn't seem to be a difference, but it always feels like letting the game charge the projectile fully instead of letting go just as it hits max circle makes the projectile penetrate more enemies
    – childe
    May 29, 2016 at 9:37

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