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I'm confused by the Crafting rooms - I vaguely remember seeing that the Weapon Workshop uses Agility at one point, but then it changed to Strength? I may just be insane however and imagining things.

So what stats do the Weapon Workshop and the Outfit Workshop use?

EDIT: After looking at the wiki, the crafting time suggests a possible maximum SPECIAL attribute being over 10, but this is not clarified as to which SPECIAL, or SPECIAL(s) - though I would believe this is likely contributed by gear:

Total SPECIAL = Crafting Time
102 = (x) mins
102/6 dwellers = 17 per dweller.

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It would appear that these rooms are dependant on the item being crafted. By dragging another dweller over a Crafting room that was currently active (i.e. the room was in the process of crafting a weapon/outfit) the contribution of that Dweller's relevant stat is identified.

Dragging a Dweller over the Weapon Workshop

Dragging another Dweller over the Weapon Workshop

This can also be identified when choosing an item to craft:

Relevant SPECIAL stat required to craft the item

So for example, pistols require Agility, rifles require Perception, shotguns require Endurance, and most other weapons require Strength.

There is a specific group of weapons called "Institute" weapons, that require Intelligence to build.

This is the same for the Outfit Workshop.

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