I autoresolved a battle against a rebellion and got a shiny new mortar. After several manual tries on the same battle, I have been unable to actually capture any artillery myself.

How does that work? What do you have to do?


My understanding is as follows -

  • The army you are fighting against must be of the same faction
  • The artillery crew must be wiped out and there artillery pieces intact
  • You must have a spare unit slot at the end of the battle

Many people have stated that there is an element of randomness too. Some have quoted roughly a 10% chance to capture and this is decided before the battle so replaying the same battle over and over will likely end in the same result.

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  • That must be it, probably a random element. But would like it confirmed. – letitbee Jun 13 '16 at 13:12
  • Yes, it is random, but you need what DMK said, with that 3 points and a little bit of lucky, that arty is yours. – 7sega7 Apr 19 '17 at 16:22

After several manual battles i only get one capture art. I send one unit to attack them , forget that unit and battle finish while my unit was close, attacking the abandoned machines. But others battles didnt work

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