The item always despawns after 5 min no matter what I specify for the Age.

/summon Item ~ ~1 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:planks,Count:1,Age:1}}

Please, how can I summon an object that will despawn after x minutes vs 5 min?


You can set the Age to a negative number to make it last longer. The age will always increase once per tick until it gets to 6000, at which point the item will despawn. The Age is a tag of the item entity itself, not of the contained item, so it should be outside the Item:{} tag:

/summon Item ~ ~-2 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:planks,Count:1},Age:-5000}

There is also a special case for Age:-32768, the lowest possible value for a short, for which the item will never despawn. E.G:

/summon Item ~ ~-2 ~ {Item:{id:minecraft:planks,Count:1},Age:-32768}
  • perfect! Thanks. Now I can adjust the time on my chest regeneration. – ScottUSA Jun 6 '16 at 18:35

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