I've noticed in the after game screens, different things will give you experience. What are the different things that can give you experience, and how much experience do they give you?


Here is the a list things you can earn XP from and how much XP they grant.

Time XP (Earned based on the time spend in a match.)

  • 3.4 XP per sec

Medal XP (Bonus XP based on your highest medal achieved.)

  • Gold : 150 XP
  • Silver : 100 XP
  • Bronze : 50 XP

Match Finished XP (Bonus XP for finishing a match.)

  • 250 XP

Win XP (Bonus XP for winning a match.)

  • 500 XP

Consecutive Match XP (Bonus XP if you didn't leave matchmaking between matches.)

  • 200 XP

Backfill XP (Bonus XP if you were put in a match currently in progress.)

  • 400 XP

First Win of the Day XP (Bonus XP for your first win of the day.)

  • 1500 XP

Group Bonus XP (Bonus % if you are in a group)

  • 20% XP

Leaver Penalty (Penalty for leaving too many games in a certain amount of time)

  • (-75)% XP


  • 2
    Maybe a note about the exp penalty for leaving too many games. – Wrigglenite Jun 9 '16 at 17:11
  • @DanmakuGrazer done – Dragonrage Jun 9 '16 at 17:12
  • @Dragonrage Is the leaver penalty a -75%, or a -25%? – Unionhawk Jun 9 '16 at 17:12
  • 3
    I haven't gotten backfill since the actual launch of the game, but I saw it in the beta. I've definitely joined games in progress. Do you know if there are more specific criteria for that one? – Invader Skoodge Jun 9 '16 at 17:17
  • 1
    @Exa Considering the Win XP, I'd say it punishes you a lot more for losing quickly. – DaaaahWhoosh Jun 10 '16 at 13:34

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