After winning a game, I saw that each player was accorded different accolades. "Warlock" and "Goldfinger" I figure refer to spellcasting and gold acquired respectively, but I'm a bit confused as to what "Wanderer" could mean (maybe number of tiles traveled?). What are all the Accolades possible and what are the requirements needed to get them?

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The accolades are:

Assassin - Most trickery kills

Collector - Equipped three or more treasures

Conqueror - Most settlements captured

Corruptor - Most rot given to others

Destroyer - Most heroes killed in combat

Diplomat - Cooperative cards played more than twice

Goldfinger - Most gold earned

Harbinger - Most rot gained

Healer - Most wounds healed

Infamous - Most kings guards killed in combat

Landlord - More than 4 settlements held at any point

Lone Wolf - Finished a game vs. 3 friends.

Martyr - Most deaths

Necromancer - Most rot gained from spells

Shadow - Most AP spent in stealth

Socialite - Equipped three or more followers

Sorcerer - Most spell perils played

Strategist - Most trickery perils played

Thrifty - Least gold spent

Underdog - Won despite being several ranks lower than opponents

Vanquisher - Most banes killed in combat

Wanderer - Most tiles walked across

Warlock - Most spell kills

According to a steam post, "For the above, in case of ties player 1 has priority, then player 2, then player 3."

Immortal - Zero deaths

Pacifist - No hero kills

Pariah - No spells cast

Purist - No trickery cards played

Journeyman - All quests completed

And again, according to a steam post, "For these 5 above if there is a tie, it's resolved randomly."

And finally, "If after awarding the above there are players that have no accolades, they are awarded the following"

Squire - No accolades

And another relevant note from the steam post, "After that if a player has more than 4, 4 of them are chosen randomly."

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