been playing meepo for quite sometime now and its annoying that after the update . when i play normal or rank games my bindings wont work.

but during practice / lobby game it works fine.

can anyone help me ? thanks!

this is the binding i made.

alias "tab1" "dota_cycle_selected;"

alias "poff1" "dota_ability_execute 1;"

alias "poff2" "dota_ability_execute 1; dota_ability_execute 1;"

alias "tab2" "tab1; poff2;"

alias "imbapoff" "tab2; tab2; tab2; tab2; tab2;"

bind "x" "imbapoff"

alias "selectpoff1" "dota_ability_execute 1; +sixense_Left_click; -sixense_Left_click; tab1;"

alias "selectpoff2" "selectpoff1"

bind "z" "selectpoff2"

and here's my way of activating it. copied this to the auto exec.cfg

bind "KP_8" "exec meepo.cfg"

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This appears to be intentional.

As of May 24, 2016:

A key input can no longer be bound to multiple console commands, except when cheats are on or spectating.

You're not directly binding keys to multiple commands, but judging from them still working in practice and lobby games, I suspect you've fallen foul of this change.

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