As Germany, I'm importing lots of oil from South America. However, it's all being delivered to a port in (occupied) Holland, which takes it straight through the English Channel, and most of it gets sunk.

Is there a way to have them deliver it to a different port? The south coast of France (also occupied) is much better defended, navy-wise.


It doesn't look like you are able to change trade ports manually. See this post:

Trade routes are automated.

I have found nothing to indicate that you are able to change trade ports, so it looks like you're stuck with whatever it chooses for you initially.


With the Man the Guns DLC it is now (2019) possible to control the routes used for trade convoys. You can indicate that a sea zone is avoided if possible or even forbidden in all cases.

I have used this feature to route convoys out of air range and away from contested sea zones. That has indirectly changed the destination port for convoys. But I can't confirm that it will change the departure port.

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