In the following clip

I don't recognize the icon for the 5th skill on bar. Can anyone tell me what it is (you can see the icon during whole clip, but check min 1:11 for a clear view)?


It is the Silver Leash upgrade from Silver Bolts. A skill locatet in the Fightersguild tree.

You can have a look at the icon to compare and it's function here, If you want to check out the stats just go here and select Guild -> Fighters Guild -> and the dots next to Silverbolts.


It's Silver Shards from the Fighers Guild skill line. Keep in mind that (I think) it's one of the several abilities that got reworked in the recent Dark Brotherhood DLC release.

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  • @zozo no worries, his is more elaborate anyway – Mario Jun 15 '16 at 11:21

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