I made a castle on Minecraft Pocket Edition that was far away from the place that I spawned. Once I had made my castle, I went to the Nether and got lost. I made a new Nether portal, went through, and ended up at a completely different portal than the one I made at the castle. Now I'm lost. I have used the compass to get back to the place that I spawned, but I still need to get back to my castle. I'm on Pocket Edition, in creative mode. I don't know very much about Mincraft yet, and I worked very hard on my castle. Please help!

  • Hmm, what causes you to not just drop a bed and change your spawn? I mean... why? – Nelson Jun 17 '16 at 5:46

I believe that one block in the Nether counts as four blocks in the Overworld, so you might have just traveled a great distance in the Nether. I would suggest that you go back to the Nether and attempt to find the original Nether portal.


I suggest committing suicide in survival mode to get you back to your spawn point and then turn back to creative

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