I'm making a maze in Minecraft 1.10 and I have a supply chest at the entrance. I would like to make it so that once you finish the maze, you take a minecart to the beginning and before starting the maze again, you press a button that resets the chest. Here's the code I'm using in the command block:

/blockdata -150 4 -1381 {Items:[{Count:16,Slot:0,id:sign},{Count:16,Slot:25,id:sign},{Count:1,Slot:13,Damage:1,id:iron_sword},{Count:2,Slot:15,id:steak},{Count:5,Slot:20,id:cooked_salmon},{Count:10,Slot:8,id:bread}]}

It only puts the signs, sword, and bread in the chest. I can't figure out how to get the steak and salmon to work. I tried adding a damage value to those two items, but that didn't make any difference. Any suggestions?

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An item's ID is not necessarily its displayed name (though they sometimes coincide).

The ID for steak is cooked_beef, and the ID for cooked salmon is cooked_fish with a damage value of 1. Your fixed command should be:

/blockdata -150 4 -1381 {Items:[{Count:16,Slot:0,id:sign},{Count:16,Slot:25,id:sign},{Count:1,Slot:13,Damage:1,id:iron_sword},{Count:2,Slot:15,id:cooked_beef},{Count:5,Slot:20,id:cooked_fish,Damage:1},{Count:10,Slot:8,id:bread}]}

There's a list of Item IDs on the wiki. Alternatively, you can press F3 + H to enable detailed item tooltips, which then show an item's ID and damage value when hovered over:

enter image description here

  • Now I'm having trouble with a cow spawn egg. Using damage value 92 doesn't seem to work and I'm not getting any damage value from your f3+H shortcut
    – Xanthir
    Jun 18 '16 at 1:02
  • @Xanthir Some items (e.g: weapons with enchantments, spawn eggs) have extra data tags. Here's a wiki page on item data. I believe for a cow egg you'll need to have: {Count:1,Slot:17,id:spawn_egg,EntityTag:{id:Cow}}
    – SirBenet
    Jun 18 '16 at 19:01

you could use the /clone command to clone a hidden sample chest.

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