So yesterday on my single player game I stupidly left my own tribe. The issue is that all the structures and Dino's were set to tribe owned and not personal owned.

How do I force to join the tribe again?

I have tried all the possible relevant commands in ShowMyAdminManager. I have also typed out all of the ForcePlayerToJoinTribe (player ID from admin menu) "Tribe of Bob" type commands.

I have also tried going up to a Dino or building and typing ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe (my player ID)

None of these commands work. I have tried creating a new tribe also called Tribe of Bob, all that happens is that the old tribe name is changed to Tribe of Bob1.

When I created the new Tribe of Bob I seemed to be allied with Tribe of Bob1 because all the Dino and structure names were in light blue.

How can I forcibly join a target tribe using ark Commands? or any other solution that wont involve me losing all my work in the game.

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Just tried it, admincheat Forcejointribe

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