I'm looking at buying some DLC as a gift for a friend, but I want to double-check he doesn't already have it. He's not online right now to simply ask, and you'd think with the ability to see our shared games, I should be able to tell anyway, but I'm not sure. I could find out by buying a gift copy and seeing if it'll let me send it to him, but that's obviously a waste of money if he does have it.

Is there a way to tell if a friend already has a specific DLC, without buying a gift copy first?

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DLC's have their own store page. If I look at the base game store page for Civ V for example, it shows me this in the right-hand-side:

Base game friends

If I then click (or hover) on the title of a DLC in the DLC list, (e.g. Brave New World) the right-hand-side shows me which people on my friends list actually own that DLC.

DLC list

DLC friends

If your friend is already in that list, they have that DLC already.


This question is on the forums. On there they say that you can add the game to your cart. Send to a friend. and look on your friends list. If they have it. They will not show up in the gifting list!

Hope this helps!

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