I have a solid addiction going on. My character has now been drunk since I arrived on the ferry, I'm not sure it is much of a problem, plenty of booze around.

If I am remembering Fallout 3 right, doctors can just cure addictions. I could be wrong though it has been like 5 years since I played, and I exitted the vault and bealined straight to the ferry and point lookout.

So far, the only merchant I have found is the "House of Wares"; which offers general stock (including Aid), and also offers repair service. But no doctoring.

I'ld rather not pay the $450 to travel back to the mainland for medical attendion, and then pay $450 again to return to Point Lookout

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There are no doctors in Point Lookout. The only way to heal your character is through food/stimpacks and using radaway to lower your radiation level. If you have an addiction, you have to go back to the capital wasteland to get rid of it.


Also found this which might be of help in the future.

In Old Olney there is a doctor you can convince to go to point lookout

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