How does the UUIDMost and UUIDLeast tags affect the UUID of the the mob you're summoning in? I've looked all over and the best in-depth (from what I can see) wiki on it is in German, and frankly google translate doesn't translate good enough.

This is the link to the German wiki: http://minecraft-de.gamepedia.com/UUID

So can anyone give me info on this? I have like no info on how to use it properly.


As I understand it, the UUID is divided into two halfs of 16 characters. The two halfs are both hexadecimal numbers, just as the UUID itself. The hexadecimal numbers of the two halfs are then converted to two normal decimal numbers. The UUIDLeast is the decimal number with the least significant bits, while UUIDMost is the decimal number with the most significant bits. To convert the hexadecimal number into a decimal number, you can use this converter.

(Sources: this, this and this)


A UUIDLeast of 1 and UUIDMost of 2 creates hexadecimal value: 00000000-0000-0002-0000-000000000001

Better explained at: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/redstone-discussion-and/command-blocks/2530432-uuidleast-and-uuidmost-what-do-they-truely-do


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