On the Neo Tokyo map, when anyone scores a goal, it plays a short tune. Can I play that song on a media player? If so, where can I find its file?

I am playing on PC.


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TLDR: the files are there but they seem to be protected.

Background music

Sound files of Rocket League have the WEM extension and are located in the directory


Now of course the question is, which one of them is it? You can use SysInternals Process Monitor, set a filter for ".wem" and then start a Neo Tokio local game with AIs.

This will give you the name 642633853.wem.

To play that file, you need to convert it first. ww2ogg [Github] (direct Download) can extract the sound and make it an OGG file.

On my PC the conversion pretended to be successful

Audiokinetic Wwise RIFF/RIFX Vorbis to Ogg Vorbis converter 0.24 by hcs

Input: 642633853.wem
RIFF WAVE 2 channels 44100 Hz 368432 bps
6023303 samples
- 2 byte packet headers, no granule
- stripped setup header
- external codebooks (packed_codebooks.bin)
- modified Vorbis packets
Output: 642633853.ogg

but VLC player could still not play it, even with the K-Lite codec pack installed.

Sound effects (SFX)

The sound effects are stored in the same directory and have two different file extensions: BNK and UPK.

The BNK file format is documented in the Xentax Wiki. A BNK file can contain many sounds. The file is easier to identify in this case, since it contains Neo Tokio in the name: SFX_Amb_NeoTokyo.bnk. As the name suggests, this is more about the ambient sounds, so I don't expect your goal sound to be in there.

You can use BNK extract to get the WEM files out of it, then use ww2ogg as mentioned before. Same result here: I could not play the files.

The other file is NeoTokio_SFX.upk. UPK is a file format of the Unreal engine. You can get an unpacker on Gildor (Direct Download).

Unfortunately that extractor fails on my machine as well, which makes me think that the files are encrypted or obfuscated.

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Well I've been searching around for it, and I've maybe found something. It's from a complete soundtrack I've found, and it's called Neon Glow Medley.

--- 2:29:38 - Neon Glow Medley.

Hope this helps ;)

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