I am connecting a large amount of Phone Booths to Taps for illegal NSA wiretapping stopping Contraband. In the past, I have used two-way connections between Taps and Booths, but I like to keep my Wires organizes and that gets messy fast. I have not been able to find any information or test this myself as I have EnableMisconduct off.

Do you need a two-way connection for Phone Taps to work?

I'd also like to know if it's the same for Cctvs.


No, you do not need a two way connection. Both CCTV systems and phone taps connect from the base unit to the peripheral components: CCTV monitor --> CCTV camera and Phone Tap --> Phone Booth.

An easy way to check this in the utilities view is that wires not currently transmitting a signal are blue. Reasons for this are

  1. Incorrectly wired objects
  2. CCTV cameras are cycling because more than 8 are connected to one monitor
  3. Phone taps are cycling as part of their normal behaviour
  4. Door control systems are not currently triggering a servo
  5. Timers are switched off

Wires that are operational are coloured red/orange.

The more phones that are connected to a single phone tap the less time they will be listened to as the operative has to listen in on many conversations.

Happy spying!

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