Can I refill my HPs on the map - not in battle? I sometimes have battles that leave me with very little hitpoints, but it seams I can only refill them when in battle. Is it possible to do this on the map (like in the houses where water gets refilled?)

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Your health can be restored in only two ways:

  1. Automatically, when you return home to the village
  2. Manually, when you consume cured meat during combat
  3. (Edit) Manually, when you consume medicine during combat [browser version only]

This forces you to employ some strategy when out in the world.

For example, if your cured meat cool down is about to finish, you might wait a second before landing the finishing blow on an enemy just so you can get a heal off before ending that combat sequence.

You might also move your character back to the middle parts of the map and try to trigger a fight with a much easier enemy, who doesn't hit nearly as hard, so that you can bump up your health while they try to kill you.

Interestingly, the Dark Room Wiki lists "Medicine" as an obtainable item; however, it lists this only for the Browser version of the game and not the mobile version. I've played the browser version only a few times and have never seen this.

Edit: After studying the game's code for the browser version, I see that medicine is indeed a consumable. It can be traded for in the shop and can also be dropped by some enemies including snipers and soldiers. When you have medicine on you, you'll get a new button option in the UI during combat to heal yourself with it.

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