Same Djinn, she has a +0 Unihorn, but if I give her the +0 uc Long sword that she has had for over 10k turns, she wields that until she finds a trice. But, when I try to give her this high-powered artifact (or even just a blessed +6 RP LS), she just picks it up and puts it down (even when I whip her sword away and leave DB forever). The wiki says she should value Artifacts most, so what's going on here? She is stone-resistant, so I get the trice thing. DB isn't intelligent, so a blast doesn't explain the aversion. She doesn't level up as fast as my V lord (who doesn't like any weapon), and I have some gauntlets of power that I can enchant up and give to her, as well as a few GL potions. Will any of this help?

Actually, I'm wondering... I always picture Djinni with a scimitar, would she prefer that weapon? She even drops my +7 Grayswandir, and I'm not going to give her my +7 Excalibur, or should I?

  • Weapon Intelligence causes a 4d10 blast to cross aligned users. Unintelligent weapons can cause only a 4d4 blast. Perhaps your djinni has sensitive hands...
    – tjd
    Jul 1, 2016 at 12:37
  • And personally, I'd be much more willing to give up Excalibur than Grayswandir. When enchanted to +7, Grayswandir is an end-game beast.
    – tjd
    Jul 1, 2016 at 12:39

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A Djinn is neutral-aligned. Demonbane is lawful.

Cross-aligned unintelligent artifacts will still blast you one time in four. Monsters don't like this, so although they will prefer an artifact weapon over any other weapon, they will refuse to pick up or wield a cross-aligned artifact.

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