In Black Desert Online you can upgrade barricades in NodeWars, how and what is needed for this?

I have checked the BDO forums and youtube but I cant find what is needed to upgrade the barricades

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If anyone is looking at this after Feb 2017, it is now 30 Iron Ingot and 15 copper shard PER barricade upgrade.

  • For each node level? or for all node levels?
    – Mr.Burns
    Feb 21, 2017 at 8:47

Ok, after checking in game (via the players) it turns out it is 10 Iron Ingots and 5 Copper Shards to upgrade a barricade.

Edit: It appears the upgrade cost scales with the node level you are attacking.

  • A level 1 node costs 10 Iron Ingots and 5 Copper Shards

  • A level 2 node costs 10 Iron and 15 Copper Shards

  • A level 3 (yet to be tried)

Confirmed through NodeWar, screenshot attached

enter image description here

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