In Tropico 1, I remember that educated Tropicans will occasionally take jobs requiring lower qualifications if they either can't find a job that needs their educational qualifications, or if the job satisfaction for those jobs are low. For example, a college-educated Tropican being a farmer. I haven't noticed this yet in my multiple playthroughs of Tropico 3.

Does the same thing happen with Tropico 3?


According to the posts in this thread: yes, the same thing can happen.

Some exceprts:

Strange, every single one of my citizens had a HS education, most even college, and they still worked the farms, albeit for a higher wage, but it's not like I couldn't afford that or anything

I had a game where very early on when educated Tropicans are in short supply, a college educated female named 'Ana' refused to take a $10 teaching job over her $5 farm job.

The chance of a tropican getting into a job depends on the job statisfaction and prior experience. They won't leave a 9$ farm for a 12$ sweat shop factory. Basically it means that you're not paying HS educated enough.

I'm looking around for a more reliable source, which will give a more detailed explanation on why this happens but have not yet found one yet. Either way though, four people in that thread reported this happening so obviously it does happen.

  • Thanks. I think you might have forgotten to link to the thread you are quoting, though. – galacticninja Aug 4 '11 at 17:49
  • @galacticninja Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. – Wipqozn Aug 4 '11 at 18:03

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