For some reason, I can't mine orichalcum with a cobalt pickaxe.

It's obviously orichalcum due to its magenta/pink color, and I just made a cobalt pickaxe, so what could be happening?

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Its probably Adamantite, they look almost the same:

orichalcum vs adamantite

To mine it you need an Mythril/Orichalcum Drill, Mythril/Orichalcum Pickaxe.


As Havatra said in this question:

If you are not able to mine any ore at all, your save file may be corrupt, and I suggest you create a new world and try to do the same thing. If the same phenomenon reoccurs, you should try to re-install the game completely, as this is something that should not happen under normal circumstances.

You should test out if you can mine any other ore, to see if this is the case. If it is really Orichalcum, then this may be your problem.

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