I play minecraft, and have been wondering: what is the fastest way to get enchanted books? I have been trying fishing, enchanting, and dungeon looting.


I do not know if there is any set documentation on the various times/efficiency for getting enchanted books, but let's take a look from gameplay experience.

  1. Fishing

This is not likely to be the fastest way, as fishing is meant for, well, fish. According to this, a vanilla Fishing Rod only has a 5% chance of catching a treasure, and from that 5% chance, there is only a 0.8% chance that it will be an Enchanted Book. So, your odds aren't so great.

  1. Dungeon Looting

Dungeon chests have a 15.1% chance of spawning an Enchanted Book. As the frequency of dungeons is already limited, again, this method is not so great.

  1. Enchanting

This could be the best way, although other auto-fishing methods could work. By setting up a mob farm to generate XP, you can easily enchant multiple books at the highest possible level to do so. There are various YouTube videos and guides on setting up efficient mob farms, so that may be beneficial to check out.

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The absolute fastest way to get a lot of enchanted books is to set up an AFK Fish Farm and leave it running overnight.

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    The other benefit to this is that once you start enchanting things with Mending, the experience from fishing will very quickly repair everything you own for free. – SaintWacko Jul 5 '16 at 14:46
  • Fishing is great for getting "some" enchanted books, but if you want them in a more controlled fashion and need a lot of them (for example to get a perfectly enchanted set of gear) I'd go for villagers. Create a villager breeder and let it run for some time and then start to examine the villagers you get from it, killing all the non-librarion villagers and then trading with them. – RimaNari Jul 6 '16 at 14:11
  • @RimaNari In just a few days of running the afk fishing machine overnight, and while I was at work, I had enough books to max enchant two full sets of diamond armor, axe, sword, shovel, pick, and bow, with three double chests full of spare enchanted books left over. – SaintWacko Jul 6 '16 at 15:44
  • I didn't calculate with overnight-AFKing as I have a very special and strong opinion toward that. Though I wouldn't have expected as many books as you said – RimaNari Jul 6 '16 at 16:05

As I found out, chests in the librarys of Strongholds will mostly provide Enchanted Books. However, you'll need Eyes of Ender to locate one. You'll need Blaze Powder (crafted from a blaze rod from Blazes in the Nether), and Ender Pearls (from killing Endermen). Another way is to go fishing. Enchant your fishing rod for most likely a change for some loot.

You can also enchant books too. Just craft a book using 3 pieces of paper and a piece of leather, then go to a nearby enchanting table and put the book in the slot (lapis is now required for enchanting items). Chose an enchantment, now that you won't have to take a guess and which enchantment to use now that you can hover over an enchantment and it'll say the effect.

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I tested the AFK fishing method over a 25-hour period and got 15 enchanted books and a ton of levels.

So, what you want to do is take a lure 3 and unbreaking 3 fishing rod and go AFK farming. Check the screen here and there, and when the rod has low durability, repair it and use the XP you got to enchant some more books in an enchntmemt table.

Villagers could help you too. Sell some items you got when fishing (I think you can sell fish) and get some more enchanted books.

So AFK fish farming (possibly with some luck potions) is the fastest way to get enchanted books. You get 0.5-1 books per hour while AFK fishing, and from the XP you get you can enchant more books. You can trade the stuff you fish with villagers for more books. Altogether it's (based on my experiment) like 1.5 enchanted books per hour

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If u are in 1.14, find a village or cure a zombie villager. Use a lectern to make it a librarian and trap it. Then check the trades. It should have an enchanted book. Break the lectern, wait for the vilager to become unemployed, and place it until u get the right books and trade. Be careful coz it wont work once the villager levels up.

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