Pokémon GO released today, and in my haste to get started and catch some 'mons, I rushed through the character setup screen, thinking I could customise it later. However, I can't see a way to do this:

From the Main (Map) screen, clicking on the Pokéball, I can access a few options, but none to do with character customisation:

Pokeball Menu

'Settings' exists but nothing in there either:

Settings Menu

  • Clicking on my Avatar's head brings up my Stats screen, but nothing in there can be customised:

Stats Screen 1 Stats Screen 2

I can spin the 3D avatar (can't click or long press), the Gold Pikachu coin takes you to a shop, and the Journal just lists events like "Pokemon Caught" or "Received Pokeballs".

The game is linked to my Google account. Restarting the App/Phone didn't give any options on game startup either.

How can I customise my character after the initial setup? Or am I locked in?


As of version 0.31.0 you can now change your avatar's appearance by navigating to the new menu in your profile and tapping the "customize" option.


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>At this time, it is not possible to change your avatar or your team.

Cited from here

Since version 0.31, you can re-customize the avatar from the Trainer profile screen (click the right bottom menu).

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  • To add, there aren't many customization options for now anyway. Guess we have to wait for a feature update. :) – Trollwut Jul 7 '16 at 19:51

Unfortunately after the initial customization there is currently no way to re-customize your character

Since Patch 0.31 this is no longer correct.

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For now there isn't any way to change avatars / Teams however, this feature will be updated when the time comes. DO NOT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT JUST TO CHANGE YOUR AVATAR, as you will likely lose your name, and apparently Niantic doesn't like it when you want your account deleted and then suddenly come back!

If you got a name you like.. KEEP IT because it's extremely difficult to obtain it again!

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