After a certain amount of uses, an Incubator becomes unusable. Is this a set number of eggs or is it a range?


The incubator has a number under it with its uses.

The one you get at the start has unlimited uses. The one you get at level six has only 3 uses before it breaks.

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    Incubators purchased from the shop have only 3 uses as well. The first one's always free...
    – Doktor J
    Jul 12 '16 at 17:31
  • In order to maximize the use you get out of the 3 time use incubators, hatch the 10km eggs in those while hatching 2km eggs in the infinite incubator. (I split 5km eggs between them depending on how many I have.) This way you can get the most distance and use out of the 3 time use incubators. Mar 2 '17 at 19:04

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