Do different enemies give different skullmining rewards?

For example, would an Advent Officer give better rewards than an Advent Trooper, since the Officer has a higher rank?


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The potential hack rewards are defined in XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini. When selecting hack rewards, it will group potential rewards, then select a random reward with SYNC_RAND_STATIC(TempTemplates.Length).

In the vanilla game, all advent humanoids have 125 hack defense, regardless of their tier. All advent humanoids have the same potential hack rewards.

  • SKULLFeedback: Requires 0 to succeed. Results in the appropriately named effect SKULLOuch.
  • ALittleIntel: Requires 23 to succeed. Results in some "SmallIntelCache" loot.
  • FacilityLead: Requires 67 to succeed. Results in some "FacilityLeadItem" loot.
  • ALotOfIntel: Requires 67 to succeed. Results in some "BigIntelCache" loot.

The selection mechanic will cause the failure condition "Skull feedback", which deals damage to your soldier and "a little intel", which gives you a bit of intel to always appear. It is random which of the options for "facility lead" or "lot of intel" will apear.

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