I found two related questions to this already: Can my starter Pokemon be shiny? and Can you start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

I wondered that it is not an even number and so I guessed everybody has a different CP with the starter Pokémon. And in the case it's always the 13, do Pikachu or a shiny starter have a higher or a lower CP?

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    Note that your linked "Can my starter Pokemon be shiny?" question is NOT about pokemon go, rather it is about one of the DS versions.
    – Tin Wizard
    Jul 18 '16 at 20:01

My starter Pokemon had a CP of 10, a buddy of mine had his starter with a CP of 14, so it seems that it differs a bit, but not by much.


my Bulbasaur has a CP of 14, and it's CP bar is at the absolute minimum.

I wonder if it varies depending on which you choose?


I think it depends on which one you choose, and also your location, like a water Pokemon would be more powerful near a source of water.

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