I tried to beat Asgore six times and failed each time. So I decided to go back and get some more healing items. But while I was going through my resort I got a call from Undyne telling me to deliver a letter to Alphys. I went through the date with Alphys and as I was heading out of the dump I got a call from Papyrus (Flowey) telling me to go to Alphys lab.

This stuff usually only happens after you've been to the True Lab, but I haven't beaten Asgore or Photoshop Flowey yet. Can someone tell me what's going on?

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    Has someone else played and completed Undertale on your PC? – user973 Jul 8 '16 at 16:50
  • No ive been playing for the last six hours – Matt Jul 8 '16 at 16:55
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    Clarification: the True Lab is the section that happens after you go to Alphy's lab after the date with Alphy. AFAIK, the call from Undyne is supposed to not happen on your first run - actual conditions for it happening were unclear last time I checked. I didn't get a call from her despite being 100% Pacifist, having playdates with both Papyrus and Undyne, crossing that bridge several times, and dying to Asgore about 14 times. – Dragomok May 18 '17 at 17:03

Or if you did the TRUE LAB and did the DATING things with Undyne, Alphys, and Papyrus, AND did not kill anyone, youll be able to do pacifist.


There are fake resets in this game.

If you do the game and restart again many things can be diferent, thats because you didin't true reset the game.

After a fake reset the game restart but with internal values randomly generated that can alterate the game itself, thats the cause.

Just true reset the game and try again :)

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